Turkey: von der Leyden was left without a seat during his meeting with Erdogan

Human rights will be debated at this Ankara summit. But one scene suggests that these are undoubtedly those of the woman that commentators and historians will discuss instead.

European Union leaders were visiting Turkey on Tuesday April 6 to relaunch relations with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On this occasion, television cameras captured an embarrassing moment in which the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was not offered a seat, even when Charles Michel, President of the Council, was not offered a seat. Turkish head of state in comfortable armchairs.

Faced with this diplomatic blunder, the European leader boasted an “Ehm”, very shameful, as shown in the video released by a German MEP. Then Ursula von der Leyen was invited to sit on a couch across from Turkey’s foreign minister, “who ranks lower in diplomatic protocol,” he notes. the Belgian newspaper The night.

“It was not a coincidence”

A Dutch MEP did not fail to point out that during previous meetings between Erdogan and the presidents (all men) of the EU, all these counterparts at the protocol level were sitting in identical chairs. An intentional gesture by Turkish diplomacy, according to the MP. “It was not a coincidence, it was deliberate”, she says on Twitter.

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