try to avoid quarantine by doing 40 km on skis from Sweden

It was a quarantine violation that nearly cost him his life. A Norwegian in his 50s, trying to escape mandatory quarantine at the hotel, had to be rescued this weekend in the mountains after trying cross the border from Sweden on a 40-kilometer ski routeAFP learned from the police and emergency services.

“I wanted to go back to Norway to look for papers, then I return to Sweden where he has a work in progress.. But to avoid quarantine he decided cross the border through the mountains“said Trond Helge Rønning of the aid organization Norske Folkehjelp.

“Throughout it was about 40 kilometers“according to the rescue worker based in Tydal, a Norwegian town near the Swedish border, about 100 kilometers east of the central city of Trondheim.

Surprised by the bad weather the skier found himself in difficulties after about 25 kilometers of travel, this Saturday, April 3, at the end of the afternoon. It was first rescued by a reindeer herder, before handing it over to two fishermen a few kilometers near Lake Essandsjø. Then they waited for help to arrive., according to the story by Trond Helge Rønning.

Upcoming legal proceedings

“It was wet and cold,” he said, describing a difficult area “with quite high mountains.” Then the emergency services handed him over to the police. for violating Covid-19 health rules. According to Norwegian rules, the man should have tested negative and passed ten days of quarantine in a hotel except in the case of essential travela local police spokeswoman told AFP.

“It even goes for a Norwegian citizen,” stressed this Trøndelag district official, specifying that the man was now quarantining himself at a nearby hotel and he would soon be heard for prosecution.

According to local media, the plan was for his son to pick him up by car after his outfit. According to Trond Helge Rønning, the man was “pissed off and unapologetic”.

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