Trump opens the door to defeat

“Time will tell”. Donald Trump raised, for the first time, the possibility of a defeat in the US presidential election against Joe Biden, this Friday, November 13. The outgoing president spoke from the White House gardens about the Covid-19 pandemic, his first public speech since the announcement of his defeat, which he fiercely refuses to acknowledge.

Although the number of cases of contamination with the new coronavirus is sharply increased in the country, Donald Trump wanted to rule out the possibility of confinement. “I think time will tell what administration we will have, but whatever happens in the future, who knows, I can tell you that this administration will not impose lockdown“, he declared, much less blunt than in his tweets denouncing the envy of a” rigged “election.

The last two states in which the results of the November 3 elections had not yet been announced, Georgia and North Carolina, were attributed on Friday to Joe Biden and Donald Trump, respectively, by the main US media. Announcements confirming the victory of the Democratic candidate, credited with 306 voters, against 232 for his Republican rival.

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