Trump: New York will not receive the COVID-19 vaccine immediately

President Trump said New York will not get the COVID-19 vaccine right away when it becomes available due to Gov. Andrew ComoAndrew Cuomo The Hill Morning Report – Epidemic worsening; Biden Klein selected as Chief of Staff, Republican lawmaker slams Como’s new round of COVID-19 restrictions New York to limit gatherings and close bars and restaurants early MoreComments (d).

During a press conference on Friday, it was his first from the Rose Garden since then Joe BidenJoe Biden has spoken to some Republican senators, and the Chief of Staff said Trump told advisers he might announce the 2024 bid shortly after Biden was approved: They report Obama is “annoyed” with Republican attempts to question the election results: This is a more dangerous path He was named president-elect, and Trump responded to the Democratic governor’s previous comments about the administration’s “flawed” vaccine plan.

Trump said: “Cuomo will have to inform us when he is ready for it, otherwise we will not be able to hand him over to a country that will not give him to its people immediately.”

Trump added: “He does not trust where the vaccine comes from.” “These come from the greatest companies anywhere in the world, and the greatest laboratories in the world, but he does not trust the fact that this is the White House, this administration, so we will not hand it over to New York until we have permission to do that, and it pains me to say that.”

Shortly after the president’s comments, Cuomo denied the allegations during an appearance On MSNBC.

“Nothing the president said is true, surprise, surprise,” Cuomo said, noting that many US citizens fear Trump’s politicization of the vaccine process. “The American people trust the drug company more than they trust the president.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James It also condemned the president’s behaviorDescribing this as “nothing more than vengeful behavior by a lame duck boss trying to extract revenge on those who oppose his policy.”

“Once there is a fully developed COVID-19 vaccine, we are confident that the Biden-Harris administration will provide New York with the appropriate number of doses so that the residents of our state can achieve immunity,” she said in a statement.

James went on to say that the country would take legal action against Trump if needed.

“If the vaccine was released on the eve of the Trump administration and the president wanted to play games with people’s lives, we would be sued and we would win,” she said.

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