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Trump is going through a full-on tantrum because of Michelle Obama

The former first lady touches and tensions with the president in a speech that has not nailed him as an evil genius, but rather as an improper fraud.



There was a lot of hype in 2016 about the supposed genius of the nicknames with which Donald Trump described his opponents. Lyn Ted. Small frame. Hillary is crooked. To some observers, these insults, childish as they are, are stuck because they manage to capture something fundamental about their goals or the way they are perceived. Through a combination of deceptive marketing or occasional cunning, the theory went, he was able to hold onto his opponents’ deadly flaw, like a serial killer who seizes on his victim’s insecurity. But, like most of the skills attributed to Trump, this talent has been greatly exaggerated – his fossils have always been one remarkable and very broad, and his attempts to secure critical titles for Joe Biden in 2020 have never been recorded. The magic has not disappeared, and it has never been there.

What does it really look like to expose a politician for what he is? Michelle Obama spoke Monday evening at the virtual Democratic National Convention. Of course, there were no childish insults directed at the President, this was not necessary. But he didn’t need the rhetorical boom to tear it apart, nor the jokes, nor the grand metaphors. All he needs are five simple words, words the president himself used this month to describe the rising death toll from the Coronavirus: “This is what it is.”

For all his authoritarian aspirations, Trump is not a political wizard. He is, as Obama allowed his categorical and effortless subjugation, is deception, completely incompetent above his head, degrading patriotic discourse and showing authoritarian muscles, not because he is a sinister genius, but because he is completely inappropriate, so he said in his moving speech on Monday, “Unable to face the moment.” , That tough guy’s tactics are all he’s got. ”It can’t be what we want it to be ours.

The blistering speech apparently struck a chord with the president, who followed a series of desperate criticisms of the former first lady and Barack Obama, one of the headlines on Wednesday’s DNC programs.

In a tweet, she asked someone to “explain [to Obama] that Donald J. Trump wouldn’t be here in the beautiful White House if it weren’t for the work of her husband Barack Obama.” In another attempt, he tried to criticize his predecessor and Joe Biden for their “weak and pitiful” response to the H1N1 flu, which has left an estimated 12,000 Americans dead, in contrast to the coronavirus epidemic that has claimed more than 170,000 American lives. In another photo, Trump made some familiar voices about alleged corruption of the Obama administration, spying of deep state figures on his campaign, and betrayal, before giving Michelle Obama some incomprehensible thanks for her “very kind words.” On his appearance at the White House later on Tuesday morning, he criticized again, saying that she was “crazy” and criticized her for pre-recording the speech, indicating that she had been subjected to “wrong [coronavirus] deaths,” and drew attention to the fact that the number of deaths is now much higher than It was when I registered your address.

However, these frenzied aftershocks only proved the former first lady’s view – that this man doesn’t have it. As Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker pointed out Tuesday, this remark, as it may seem obvious, is perhaps a more damaging accusation than any accusation focused on sadists. This cruelty is a hallmark and may well attract his followers. Trump may be ruthless, but he targets those his base regards as enemies. Noting that there is nothing else behind this triviality, no essence, grand plan, or basic competence, mere emptiness, necessity and insignificance, Obama is taking all the air out of it. Nussbaum noted on Twitter: “One of the smartest aspects of [Obama’s] speech is that instead of condemning him to evil, she has rightly described him as weak, incompetent, unprepared, and insecure fake.” “Much more than the dreaded precision, especially in COVID.”

On Monday, Obama focused on Trump to the core in a way he was not able to do with his rivals. This became evident after DNC’s first night, when the president’s campaign released an email to supporters mocking other speakers who had shared “fake news” about him with unconvincing pseudonyms: Bernie Sanders was “crazy,” and Amy Klobuchar was a “failed presidential candidate.” . Andrew Cuomo was “Fredo’s brother,” and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was “Half” Whitmer. “The only spokesperson denounced by the campaign without a parody title?” Michelle Obama.

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Trump targets Democrats under the pretext of loyalty




President Trump slammed Democrats for his loyalty pledge on Saturday, deepening the culture wars he hopes will raise his candidacy for re-election.

Trump accused Democrats on Twitter of not uttering the word “God” in the section of the Democratic National Convention this week. While the word was included in the agreement pledge every night for each of the four days, some speakers did not say it during low-level conference meetings that were not part of the major programming.

The Democrats removed God’s Word from the loyalty oath in the Democratic National Convention. At first I thought they made a mistake, but they didn’t. It was done on purpose. Remember evangelical Christians, everyone, this is where they came from, that’s it. Vote on November 3! Trump tweeted.

The Trump campaign has multiplied, as it tweeting a video to collect comments from speakers critical of the government.

The pledge of allegiance erupted over the story of Trump’s friend, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which was later picked up by Fox News.

The tweet sparked a torrent of posts confirming the president’s actions, and users posted videos that collect all the times the word “under God” was said during the conference.

Saturday morning’s tweet represents Trump’s only attempt to tap into hot topics the president hopes will upset his base and fuel his re-election campaign, with polls showing his successor, former Vice President Joe Biden, the party’s candidate. Democracy 2020 at the national level. And in cases of large fluctuations.

In his speeches and on the Internet, the president highlighted various fronts of the culture wars to bolster support among important demographic groups such as evangelicals and suburban residents.

We moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. “This is for the Evangelists,” he said this week.

Trump also warned that democratic politics will lead to an increase in crime in the suburbs, citing persistent protests in some cities against systemic racism, amid indications that the Republican Party is losing support in such areas after the president’s victory in the 2016 suburban elections.

“ Why would suburban women vote for Biden and the Democrats when cities run by Democrats are now plagued with crimes (not seeking help from the federal government) that can easily spread to the suburbs, and will reshape your low-income suburban plan on Trump steroids on Saturday.

So far, the data has failed to weaken Biden’s leadership in the polls.

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Trump mourns arrest of former Chancellor Steve Bannon, calling it an ‘unfortunate event’




WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he feels “very bad” about the arrest of his former close advisor Steve Bannon, but he knows nothing about the fundraising organization involved in the federal criminal case.

“I think it’s a sad event,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “I haven’t dealt with him at all in years, literally.”

Bannon, the architect of the nationalist populism that defined Trump’s presidency, has been accused of defrauding Trump supporters in a campaign to help build the president’s signature wall along the US-Mexico border.

“I feel very bad.” “I haven’t dealt with him for a long time,” Trump said.

Bannon was one of four people arrested Thursday and charged with conspiracy to commit Internet fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in an official indictment obtained by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. The Ministry of Justice said that the plaintiffs accused the defendants of defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors through a crowdfunding campaign worth $ 25 million entitled “We Build the Wall.” Each of them faces up to 40 years in prison.

“I don’t know anything about the project, other than what I didn’t like, when I read about it, I didn’t like it. And I said,” This is for the government, and this is not for individuals, “and it seemed to me like a show.

The Republican president also told reporters that he did not know the three defendants along with Bannon and that he did not believe he had met them at all.

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