Trump is floundering that Biden will get the praise he craves for the COVID vaccine

Shred Possibilities for effective vaccination for Corona virus improved for next year, Donald Trump Ostensibly his displeasure won’t be in the Oval Office to take the credit for it.

For several months, Trump had promised that A. Coronavirus disease A vaccine was soon. He placed much of his electoral hopes on the possibility. But the announcement from two large pharmaceutical companies of the results of highly successful trials of COVID vaccine candidates came in the days after the vote. And while he may have brought joy to markets and public health officials, for Trump he was nothing but a pile of frustration.

Before announcing these breakthroughs, the president had exchanged ideas with his aides and close associates about ways in which he could promote the vaccine to the American people. According to two people with direct knowledge of his private comments, the president said he envisioned large, public, and mask-free events – particularly as the weather got warmer, what he expected it to be, and a second term – and rallies to celebrate a second term. Operation Warp Speed ​​successes, a public-private partnership to develop a vaccine. When the distribution began, Trump wanted to be directly involved in promoting the vaccine, playing a video campaign about the safety and success of his operation.

Trump also considered holding a public or televised event or press conference at which he was proudly waving and reading from a list of headlines, articles and TV coverage that either downplayed him or raised doubts about the timeline for Operation Warp Speed.

“The president was looking to show that he was right and the media was wrong,” one of the sources described.

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