Trump did not have a full-time team of experts on the coronavirus

Deborah Birx, medical officer in charge of the Trump administration’s Covid-19 response coordination team, revealed thatshe did not have a “full-time White House team working on the coronavirus”. She had asked for more specialists on her team, to no avail, she explained in an interview for CBS, Sunday, January 24. A statement that caused a lot of ink to run in the American media.

But that’s not all: the manager also reports that the basis and “interest in her mission” had been constantly questioned by various members of the administration, Explain Western france. When Deborah Birx asked for a 24-hour shift, one of them allegedly asked, “Why would you want to do this to yourself every day?”

Then the specialist had created a small team, made up of seven to eight trusted people, he said. Therefore, a White House adviser believes that he has not been denied additional staff. The medical doctor specializing in immunology has also said that she “always” had considered leave your mission at the White House.

Expert greets new Biden team

Deborah Birx had made herself known during a press conference in which Donald Trump proposed to inject disinfectant into patients and subject them to UV rays. The doctor’s reaction whose discomfort was palpable, had toured social networks.

When new President Joe Biden took office on January 20, the world-renowned immunology expert praised his decision to establish a cell of experts who will have to work “in different fields” (tests, vaccines, data …).

He recalled “the amount of work that needs to be done not only at the White House but also at the state level to ensure that we will get out of this crisis in a semblance of normality for the summer. ”

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