Trump “can do almost anything he wants” on foreign policy, expert says

Donald Trump, who still can’t put the word “defeat” in his mouth, is he practicing scorched earth policy? Calls on oil companies to win concessions in still protected areas in Alaska. Even more serious, according to New York TimesHe even surveyed senior officials to carry out strikes in Iran.

“The (American) president can do almost anything he wants in foreign policy,” assures RTL Anne Deysine, author of the book United States and democracy (L’Harmattan). “In a normal presidency, the president talks with his advisers, with the General Staff and then a kind of consensus emerges on what is desirable for national security,” explains this expert from the United States.

“This is not how Trump works”Anne Deysine insists. “It began with the looting of all the high positions of the Ministry of Defense, in the Pentagon, which he replaced with vases that are totally faithful to him “, she adds.

What counter-power then if Donald Trump wants to embark on a military escalation? “The only obstacle would be that the military, aware of the considerable danger of an act, decided not to obey the order of a president. Which is still enormous,” acknowledges Anne Deysine.

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