“Trump built a world apart,” says Domenach

Guillaume Roquette from Figaro Magazine and Nicolas Domenach from Challenges They are interested this Friday, January 8, in the situation in the United States. A police officer has just died from his injuries, was attacked by pro-Trump protesters, raising the death toll to five.

According to Guillaume Roquette, “it is a balance that is all the more heavy and dramatic in that these events should never have taken place. How is it that these people were able to enter the heart of democratic power? It is absolutely unimaginable. ”

“There are two things but the investigation will prove it or not, the complicity or at least the collusion on the part of the police. It seems very likely. This coup comes after others, there has been a whole chain of events to paralyze a democratic process. These hordes have been encouraged for months when Trump made soldiers for their cause. It is first of all Trump who is responsible and for him, it is a selfish infantilism that means that he did not accept his defeat, he built a world apart ”, says Nicolas Domenach.

Guillaume Roquette qualifies his comments by adding that for him, “there is no continuum between the initiatives taken by Donald Trump to challenge the elections and what happened on Capitol Hill.” There is a difference of type and not of degree.“, he believes.

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