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It must be said that the 2020 health crisis encouraged us all to take our problems patiently. Many surely feel tired and stressed from all the events that have taken place. But fortunately, a new year has arrived. The opportunity for us to review our daily habits and discover other ways to take care. This year, therefore, we are launching new challenges, we are adopting best routines, we innovate in our diet and try a different way to pamper our skin.

With Kazidomi today, you will take stock of the wellness trends in 2021. You may be tempted to try one of them (or why not all of them!) Immediately after reading.

Conscious eating

In 2020, we spend a lot of time at home. Perhaps it was the opportunity for some to refine their silhouette and to surprise their relatives once the confinement was over. However, very restrictive diets are no longer welcome in 2021. Instead we opt formindful eating. But what does this gesture really consist of? Well, it’s about reconnecting with the pleasure of eating.

Often staying at the table becomes a real test for us. Due to lack of time or fear of consuming too many calories, most of us have come to dread these times of the day. And yet, eating is essential to to stay healthy, but also to replenish energy. East food trend 2021 invites you to rediscover the pleasure of eating.

How? ‘Or what? Simply by being fully present, savoring each bite, taking the time to enjoy your dish, all the benefits that each dish brings. By doing so, the connection between your brain and your organs will also be better. This will make you feel fuller faster, preventing you from eating more than necessary.

It’s the same for himintuitive eating that stands out as the anti-diet diet. No more restraints, no more guilt, no more incessant questions … we just sit listening to your body. Here is an effective remedy against eating disorders!

Digital detox

Let’s go digital detox

the wellness trends for 2021 also includes the ” digital detox Which simply consists of filtering the information we consume. In fact, if there is one lesson we learned from 2020, it is that everyone has a chance to choose which information to remember and which is not worth considering. In 2021 therefore, we do not hesitate to look away from telephone and television screens from time to time.

For a day, a week or a weekend, you can leave all these digital devices at home. Instead, do other activities that are more conducive to simple relaxation.

East wellness trend 2021 It will allow you to avoid infobesity (information overload) and get away from all the negativity that circulates everywhere.

Minimalist Routine Skincare

Eat different and enjoy The benefits of silence are not the only actions you can take. On the cosmetic side, the wellness trend in 2021 also wants a natural and minimalist routine. So we go back to the basics. You let your skin breathe. We avoid smothering you with tons of materials, layer upon layer. We simply stick to what is necessary.

So, get rid of all those unnecessary bottles in your bathroom. We start from scratch and forget the ” morning routine 12 steps away. Since nature is well made, you will also find many ingredients that you can use, regardless of your skin type. To go even further wellness trends of 2021, also learn to do your home cosmetics. You can take inspiration from Kazidomi’s recipes to do this.

Cold therapy

We also hope wellness trend cryotherapy is becoming more widespread 2021. As a reminder, cold exposure therapy is already used in the context of sports recovery. The specialized centers are multiplying day by day. And in terms of prices, this practice is also accessible to everyone (between € 30 and € 50 per session).

But how cold therapy Does our wellness ? Well, it would actually be due to the reaction our body takes after being subjected to extreme heat stroke (up to -150 ° C, for 2 to 3 minutes). This would promote blood flow, release endorphins, and activate anti-inflammatory molecules. Physical and psychological well-being guaranteed!

CBD everywhere!

New trending ingredient in 2021, CBD is also invited to our plate. the foodsetters They are convinced, the use of this molecule from the cannabis plant in the kitchen will also be more democratic this year and next. Apart from its healing properties, this product would act on stress and anxiety. Than multiply your daily wellness !

Many variations of cannabinoids are also present on the market today: cannabigerol (CBG), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabinol (CBN).

Brain Snacks

Brain Snacks

Eating healthy can actually help the body to function “at full capacity.” But when it comes to ” Brain food », The ingredients we choose are intended to help the brain function optimally. So we change to a more mindful snacks.

But beware, we don’t buy anything! We opt for foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and important nutrients. The latter effectively improve concentration, while satisfying snack cravings. Among other things, invite your breaks:

And there you go! Now you know everything the wellness trends for 2021. Do not hesitate to put them into practice to improve your daily life. And of course this all comes with a ” self-care routine “Effective!

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