towards an almost total interruption of flights to its territory?

On the other side of the Rhine, we will an almost total disruption of flights ? German authorities plan reduce international air traffic to “next to nothing” to its territory. “The danger posed by the various mutations of the virus demands that we examine and discuss drastic measures within the government,” the interior minister told the newspaper. Bild, Tuesday, January 26.

According to the German executive, “the population, which accepts important restrictions” in the face of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, “expects that we were protecting her as best we could from an explosion in the number of cases“estimated Horst Seehofer. German media have reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel has also discussed behind closed doors with her deputies the possibility of an interruption or a sharp reduction in international air traffic.

The daily death toll remains high

These new “drastic” restrictions could include the establishment of “stricter border controls, particularly in areas considered very high risk”, and “reduction of air traffic to Germany to almost nothing, as Israel is doing now. ”

Thanks to the new sanitary measures planned until mid-February, the daily number of contaminations has fallen in recent days, falling below the 10,000 threshold. On the other hand, the number of deaths is still worrying: the authorities count an average of 1,000 daily victims of the epidemic. But above all, the new Covid-19 mutations worry and raise fears of an epidemic resurgence in the Rhine.

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