Three more Rafale combat aircraft land in India from France; Enhances Indian Air Strike Capabilities

In a further enhancement of the Indian Air Force’s strike capability, the third batch of three Rafale fighter jets landed at an IAF air base from France after a non-stop flight. Going to the micro-blogging site Twitter, the Israeli Air Force tweeted that the plane flew more than 7,000 km with in-flight refueling. The plane flew earlier in the day from Easter Air Force Base in France and provided tanker support by the UAE Air Force.

A third batch of three Rafale jets landed at an air base a short while ago. They flew more than 7,000 km with on-board refueling. The plane flew earlier today from Easter Air Force Base in France. The Israeli Air Force highly appreciates the tanker support provided by the UAE Air Force. “

The Multi-Role Carrier Transport (MRTT) of the UAE has provided in-air refueling for the three Rafale jets, according to the Indian Embassy in France. Three more Rafale jets take off from France on a non-stop flight to India with in-air refueling by the UAE subway; Adding more power to the Indian Air Force. We wish our amazing pilots a smooth flight and safe landing with wonderful fighter jets. “

The first batch of five Rafale jets arrived in India on 29 July 2020, nearly four years after India signed an intergovernmental agreement with France to purchase 36 aircraft at a cost of Rs 59,000 crore. The second batch of three Rafale jets arrived in India on 3 November.

The Rafale jets, manufactured by France’s Dassault Aviation, are India’s first major acquisition of combat plans in 23 years after the import of Sukhoi jets from Russia. The new fleet of Rafale aircraft is carrying out sorties in East Ladakh.

Rafale aircraft capable of carrying a range of powerful weapons. The Meteor Out of Visible Range missile, Scalp cruise missile and MICA weapon system will be the mainstay of the Rafale aircraft weapons package. The Israeli Air Force is also purchasing a new generation Hammer modular medium-range air-to-ground system to integrate with the Rafale aircraft.

Hammer (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) is a precision guided missile developed by French chief of defense Safran. The missile was originally designed and manufactured for the French Air Force and Navy. The Meteor is the next generation BVR air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) designed to revolutionize air-to-air combat. The weapon was developed by MBDA to combat the common threats facing the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

The 1st Squadron of Rafale jets is stationed at Ambala Air Force Base while the 2nd Squadron is stationed at Hasimara Base in West Bengal.

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