thousands of pro-Trump protests in Washington

Although Donald Trump opened the exit door slightly when he spoke for the first time since the announcement of the results of the presidential elections, the outgoing president supporters do not parade. On Saturday, November 14, in Washington they demonstrate between the Supreme Court and the White House. A support march where we count several tens of thousands of flags and protesters wearing the iconic red “Make America Great Again” cap.

“We are not here to make the revolution”, supports Nicole, a supporter of Donald Trump. “He will acknowledge his defeat if the vote count is successful and if he is not recognized as President of the United States. But I think there is not enough time before January 20. If Joe Biden is invested, he will be my president, that’s for sure, “he said.

For ten days, the Donald Trump camp has increased accusations of fraud. Since far-right groups and conspirators He also called for joining the ranks of Saturday’s march. No overflow or show of force have yet to be reported. The authorities are very attentive: it is for example It is forbidden to brandish a weapon in the center of the capital..

Counter-demonstrations are organized

David came with his family from Georgia, a state that fell on Friday for the first time in nearly thirty years on the Democratic field. “If Biden wins, great. But all we want is a legal recount, it goes beyond Donald Trump. I am not concerned today. It’s probably the safest place in the world, ”he says.

Since Counter-demonstrations are planned behind the Capitol.. But the security system avoids, a priori, any encounter among anti-fascists, supporters of “Black Lives Matter” and the thousands of Republican supporters present on the streets of Washington.

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