Thousands of cars form food collection lines in the Covid-hit state of Texas

Texas has become the first US state with more than one million cases of COVID-19
North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) It distributed more than 600,000 pounds of food to about 25,000 people on Saturday, according to spokeswoman Anna Corwan. Corwan told CNN that 7,280 turkeys were distributed to families.
Pictures provided by NTFB show thousands of cars lined up for NTFB’s Drive-Thru Mobile Pantry at Fair Park. Corwan said the need for food “has definitely increased” as the epidemic spreads with Texas Last week it became the first US state To report one million cases of coronavirus.

“Forty percent of the people who come through our partner’s doors do so for the first time,” she said.

“I see blessings come to us because we all struggle. I appreciate North Texas’s help for us,” Samantha Woods of Dallas He told KTVT’s CNN While she was waiting in her car.

“It’s really amazing and thank God that I got into class this morning.”

The North Texas Food Bank distributed more than 600,000 pounds of food at its November 14 event.

In another car, a woman told the station she was struggling: “I haven’t worked since December. I can’t find a job, they’ve stopped unemployment – it’s a big problem. It’s a really big problem.”

NTFB Chair Trisha Cunningham stated that she is proud of her team and the community to “provide some hope and care during these extraordinary times”.

“It was a very humble scene to see a lot of needy people,” she told CNN.

NTFB has several mobile store events scheduled throughout the week.

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