this machine to “break” where the opponent will serve his sentence

In Russia, Alexey Navalny reached the Vladimir region, 200 km from Moscow. This is where the penal colony is located, where Vladimir Putin’s first opponent will serve his two and a half year prison sentence. A structure that is inevitably reminiscent of the gulag.

It is a penal colony inherited from Soviet times, a colony in which detainees must work to pay the housing costs imposed on them. Tiring and endless working days, according to human rights NGOs. Alexeï Navalny will be able to work there as cook, librarian or dressmaker, reassuringly announces the director of the Russian prison services, who promises that no threat will weigh on the health of the political convict.

In fact, according to former detainees, this colony surrounded by a metal fence topped with barbed wire is a “smash” machine where the prisoners have almost no free time and are completely isolated from the outside world. Harassment, humiliation, the goal will be to “break it psychologically”, create a specialist. Navalny is expected to stay there for more than two years.

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