“This is not the time to let it go,” Trudeau warns

Justin Trudeau asks his fellow citizens to be more attentive. As the number of new Covid-19 infections breaks records in Canada on a daily basis, the Prime Minister asked Canadians to “redouble efforts” to stop the pandemic.

“Yesterday (Thursday) we reached a new record, with almost 5,000 new cases and 83 Canadians killed by virus“, declared the head of Government during a press conference.

“This is no time to let go“, He launched.” We must redouble our efforts to curb the virus, “he urged, at a time when some provinces seem reluctant to toughen restrictive measures already in place. This is particularly the case in Ontario, the most populous, which now surpasses Quebec in the number of new cases registered each day.

Across the country, “if the spread continues at the current rate, it is predicted that there will be more than 10,000 daily cases in early December“warned Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy director of Public Health.

Almost 11,000 dead in Canada since the start of the epidemic

Currently, the country registers on average 1,400 new hospitalizations every day, including 280 in intensive care, and a test positivity rate steadily increasing to 6%, Howard Njoo detailed. The Canadian Medical Association has sounded the alarm and believes that “we are at a turning point“, considering” insufficient “the measures adopted to limit the spread of the virus.

“People want to move on and I understand them,” Justin Trudeau said. But “now is the time to reverse this trend“He said.” It is absolutely necessary to reduce the number of cases now to be in the best possible position for the winter, for Save lives“, He explained.

The prime minister said he feared an overflow of hospitals and he warned that the Canadian government’s financial resources to help the provinces fight the pandemic were not “unlimited.”

He added that each of the ten provinces would soon announce new measures, with Quebec considering in particular extend the school closure period for the end of the year celebrations. Canada has identified since the start of the pandemic 285,000 Covid-19 infections and almost 11,000 dead.

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