This device sends music straight to your head, but without headphones

As technology advances, new forms of technical devices appear. The latest addition is by an Israeli company, SoundBeamer from Noveto Systems, which sends sound directly to the user’s head without any headphones.

Isn’t this very futuristic? Well, we’re already knocking on the doors of the future. Imagine a world where you have your own voice bubble. And you can listen to your favorite music, play computer games, watch movies, etc. Without any headphones on you.

No need to worry about wires, bluetooth connection, etc. And you can enjoy your content without any hassle. SoundBeamer from Noveto Systems aims to do just that.

In an official press release and an exclusive offer for The Associated Press, The company offered its own SoundBeamer sound system.

The SoundBeamer desktop prototype highlighted all the major features of the device, prior to the device’s launch on Friday. From early impressions, sound technology appears to have emerged directly from a science fiction movie.

The 3D sound coming from SoundBeamer soon looks like you are wearing an actual headphone. You can sound from above and behind and the full surround sound system is surreal, considering there’s no actual device you’re wearing.

The SoundBeamer’s lack of headphones means you can clearly hear other sounds in the room

Noveto Systems says the device has a lot of practicality. Notably, office employees can listen to conferences and music without disturbing other workers.

Players can play their games without having to place a device around their heads. Moreover, anyone can listen to music or watch movies without disturbing anyone around them.

Besides, the company claims that it is also possible that you can clearly hear sounds in the room due to the SoundBeamer’s lack of headphones.

SoundBeamer uses a 3D sensor that locates and tracks the user’s ear. This is done by sending sound via ultrasound, which creates sound pockets from the user’s ears.

Notably, the sound can be heard in 3D and stereo. Apparently, this creates a 360-degree sound around the SoundBeamer listener. The demonstration took place via Zoom from Tel Aviv.

There is a setting in the audio system that can follow the listener and transmit the sound towards the moving listener. Moreover, if the listener goes outside the SoundBeamer’s range, they will not hear anything at all.

However, the technology of sending audio without headphones is nothing new. However, Noveto is the first to launch a sound system using technology.

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