This Black Friday deal on NordVPN is a deal you can’t miss!

NordVPN Don’t wait until Black Friday to start the White Friday Sale. You can take advantage of a big discount on their VPN service now. It saves you 68% and gives you 3 months for free.

So, for $ 89, you get 27 months NordVPN. This will protect your web browsing, and much more. It’s worth the price more than that, we’re talking about pennies daily to protect your privacy and tear down walls that prevent you from accessing sites in other countries.

The biggest reason to get a VPN would be to protect your web browsing. Whether you are at home or outside on public WiFi. Public WiFi can be very dangerous, as it is easy to steal your information, as it is not secure. This is why security experts routinely say you don’t log into your bank account on a public WiFi. Pirates can also easily take it over. But with a VPN, your traffic is encrypted. It also means that your internet service provider is unable to see what you are doing. It is also very important.

Another reason to grab a VPN is to unblock blocked websites. If you travel a lot, this is a big problem. Because a VPN will allow you to access USA Netflix catalog in another country, or even France Netflix catalog in US, etc. It’s also great for use in countries like China and Turkey, where some websites are blocked.

NordVPN doesn’t slow down your connection, either. This is another myth about VPNs, and it simply isn’t true. With NordVPN, you can connect six devices simultaneously, which should suffice for most people, but maybe not for an entire family, unfortunately. It works on almost every operating system you can imagine. Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, and more.

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