Third long-term confinement and mandatory quarantine

The Irish Prime Minister, Micheal Martin, announced this Tuesday, January 26, that the confinement will last until March 5. Ireland will adopt mandatory quarantine measures for the first time to combat the coronavirus. “The message to people for the next six weeks is very simple: stay home, don’t travel“said Micheal Martin.

Therefore, non-essential shops, pubs, restaurants and schools should remain closed, expanding the measures taken in early January in a country that currently has 2,997 deaths from the new coronavirus, out of a population of five million. Meanwhile, except for “some exceptions”, “anyone who enters from abroad will be subject to a mandatory quarantine“said Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

He explained that in most cases newcomers will be able to self-quarantine at home, but that “this will be mandatory for the first time, and no longer indicative“All travelers from Brazil and South Africa, however, will have to undergo mandatory quarantine” at designated facilities, “the prime minister added.

Travelers from other countries who do not have a negative test within 72 hours will also need to spend your quarantine in designated hotelshe continued.

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