The world’s first foldable smartphone More durable, Thank you for thinking

OPPO announced the world’s first foldable smartphone two days ago, and this device is more durable than you think. The name of the phone is OPPO X 2021, and it is referred to as the “concept” device.

OPPO has already made this phone, and we have seen a number of photorealistic photos and videos of the phone. The device works, so OPPO has not just created and presented a bunch of shows.

Anyway, the company’s hardware structural engineer, Jin Xiang, shared some interesting information at a recent press conference, says Abdul Q. Mr. Xiang said the OPPO X 2021 has been extensively tested.

The OPPO engineer claims that the world’s first foldable smartphone is extremely durable

He says the phone has been tested for 100,000 curls / rolls. Therefore, OPPO has expanded and withdrawn the display 100,000 times, which is not the limit. This means you can roll it 50 times a day for five years.

Mr. Xiang was crystal clear that 100,000 curls / rolls is not the limit, as mentioned earlier. The phone could surpass that, but the company hasn’t tested to what extent. Below you can see the device in action.

This looks very impressive The OPPO X 2021 is not yet available for purchase. Hopefully, it goes on sale soon, but that might not happen. A recent report suggested that we might have to wait until 2022 due to the show.

This screen was manufactured by BOE, and a guide noted that it may not be ready for mass production until 2022. That’s a very long wait, especially given that LG is planning to announce a foldable smartphone in the H1 2021. Samsung will likely be working on one. As well.

OPPO is the first to demonstrate a working unit of such a device. Who knows, maybe the report was wrong, and the company has already managed to introduce this device before any other company, as we can see.

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