The White House prepares for Trump’s new term

The residence of the President of the United States I still don’t plan on welcoming a new tenant. On Friday, November 13, an economic adviser to Donald Trump said the White House is preparing to a second term for Donald Trump, without recognizing the Democrat Joe Biden win in the presidential election.

“In the White House we continue working considering that Trump is going to have a second term,” said Peter Navarro about Fox Business. “I think it is very important (…) to understand that we want verifiable ballots, a ballot that can be certified and an investigation into the increasing number of allegations of fraud made by witnesses who have signed written statements under oath, “he added.

Donald Trump has yet to admit defeat nearly a week after the US media, based on projections based on vote counts in most states, announced Joe Biden’s victory.

“Time will tell us”

The outgoing president, who has appeared in public very little since then, launched a veritable judicial guerrilla war to dispute the results in various states. The billionaire and his followers repeat that there has been fraud without providing evidence. US election security agencies said Thursday have no “evidence” of a presidential hack.

On Friday, Donald Trump raised, for the first time, the possibility that he will not seek a second term. “I think time will tell what administration we have”he said during a speech on the Covid-19 pandemic, from the White House gardens.

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