The virtues of Himalayan pink salt

This salt has fantastic properties, which will make it a treasure in your kitchen. It allows you to innovate from the classic table salt and add color to your preparations: its natural pink color will illuminate all your meals.

Where does it come from?

Himalayan salt is one of the purest. It appeared about 250 million years ago, when the ocean covered most of the earth’s surface. When the sea disappeared, powerful tectonic shifts gave rise to the Himalayan Mountains, causing the salt to rise as it moved. Today it is found at a depth that varies from 400 to 700 meters.

Himalayan pink salt, minerals and energy

His exceptional quality is due in part to the fact that it has been conserved, within the earth, since the negative effects of pollution Y toxic rejections. Full of trace elements (more than 80 of them), and in particular iron, calcium Y potassium, this salt improves blood regeneration process. Thanks to your crystalline structure, all elements and minerals can be directly assimilated by the cells of the human body.

When you use this salt, you consume less sodium per dose than with ordinary table salt, because it is less refined, and the crystals are larger. Besides that, this salt stores the vibratory energy, thanks to its particular cellular structure. The minerals it contains exist in a colloidal form, which means that they are small enough to be easily absorbed by cells.

What are its true benefits?

This crystalline salt will reset the acid-base balance (tea blood pH) and act formidably on the problems caused by chronic gastric reflux. Like a mighty detoxify (property verified by urinalysis), dissolves or dismantles the toxins, waste Y harmful substances that are in the body. In particular, remove tea heavy metals (mercury, lead) and dissolves calcium deposits. In the long term, the use of Himalayan crystal salt water has beneficial effects on conditions such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, deforming rheumatism gold gallstones Y kidney stones, because it helps the body to break down deposits and eliminate them. By doing so, it stimulates and regulates the intestinal transit: a reaction of intestine it can be quick and is a perfectly normal sign of the beneficial action of salt.

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