the Vatican calls for an investigation

The Vatican is demanding explanations from the social network Instagram to understand how the official account of Pope Francis could “like” the daring photograph of a very scantily clad Brazilian model. A Vatican official denies that something similar could come from the Holy See. “We can exclude that the like came from the Holy See, who turned to Instagram for explanations“he told AFP.

The 27-year-old Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto uploaded a snapshot on Instagram in which she appears with a garter belt, naked buttocks, ordering her books in a school locker, with a seductive message on the key. . “At least I’ll go to heaven”The young woman later commented on social networks, after detecting the mark of gratitude that emanates from Pope Francis’ official Instagram account.

The “like”, documented on November 13, was deleted the next day by the team that manages the Pope’s social accounts. The Sovereign Pontiff obviously does not deal directly with his Instagram account, which has 7.4 million subscribers and has never liked other accounts. It is not yet known whether this incident was actually a publicity stunt, malicious act, or a handling error. In any case, it has not escaped from many online sites, before being broadcast by the media.

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