The Valheim Update brings a long list of changes big and small

Viking survival game Valhaim I received a new patch this morning, and it arrived with a very wide list of changes. One of these changes seems to fit an exploit that allowed players to farm drops of Greydwarves passively and infinitely, so if you’ve surrounded your Greydwarf eggs with fire and let them do the work for you, it looks like you’ll need to find a different way to grow resin and wood.

Specifically, today’s patch notes indicate that camp fires, bonfires and chimneys will do themselves damage because they do damage, so any fires left near Greydwarf’s eggs for farming purposes will eventually be broken. The patch notes don’t say how quickly the campfires, bonfires and stoves will be damaging, but we think it suffices to put out this particular method of farming.

Aside from that, players will now find that the booster chests contain more things, as their inventory space has been increased to 6 x 4. The Boss Drops will now float in the water, which is a really nice addition, and the Deathsquito Trophies have also been increased. And Drake, too. Speaking of bosses, the spear no longer works on them, so unfortunately gone are the days of tying the president and pulling him out of the biome in which he grew up.

Although the changes we’ve covered so far are important, they really scratch the surface of the modifications included in this patch. Other changes that stand out include one that makes it easy to hit multiple enemies with a battle ax (which is cool because this is my favorite weapon), and some modifications to stone turrets that spawn in the Black Forest biome. The patch notes don’t tell us what these mods are, so we just have to go explore and see for ourselves.

You can view a file Full Correction Notes For this update on Steam. If you’re running a server, you’ll need to update that in addition to your game, so be sure to keep that in mind. Recently, Valheim Iron Gate developer shared a teaser from an upcoming Hearth and Home update for the game, and we’ll let you know when more is shared about that.

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