The upcoming Nintendo Switch is worth the wait: everything we know so far

We saw the Nintendo Switch hit the shelves nearly four years ago followed by the fairly affordable Switch Lite two years ago, and now the news almost confirms the future of the next Nintendo Switch variant. Yes, the handheld console is rumored to make its debut this year – likely in the latter half – just in time for the holiday season. This is putting the cat between the pigeons in Sony’s quarters and Microsoft’s.

According to a Bloomberg report, the console is scheduled to arrive in manufacturing lines sometime in July, and if all goes well, a fall release is imminent. According to Nintendo Special Reports, previous models – Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite – have sold more than 80 million units as of December 31, 2020. However, Nintendo has yet to confirm any such new model in the business.
Bigger screen

In all likelihood, the portable console will be called the Nintendo Switch Pro (or Nintendo Switch 2) and it will be an upgrade as much as the screen size. The Switch has a 6.2-inch real estate screen, and the Switch Lite has a smaller 5.5-inch screen. Both are set at 720p.
The upcoming Switch Pro will have a 7-inch screen to run gaming-oriented smartphones – ROG and Black Shark phones. The resolution of this portable console will be the same at 720p, which is not surprising given the nature of the arcade style games.

According to Bloomberg, this time Nintendo is planning to use a Samsung OLED panel which will significantly increase the display quality of the screen with deeper blacks and significantly reproduce more contrast images. Maintaining the resolution at 720p also means less battery consumption – this too will be helped by the self-illuminating pixels in OLED.

4K on the way

Although it might surprise Nintendo users in a good way and pose a challenge to game developers, the new console could come with a 4K output option when placed in the dock. This way players can enjoy addicting Nintendo titles in 4K resolution on their TV screens.

The dock may come with a dedicated GPU chipset to bring out more graphic detail on the larger screen that is somewhat comparable to the high-end PS5 and Series X. This will give users the best of both worlds when it comes to performance balancing and on-screen graphics. After all, it’s all about the best end-user experience – in this case – the demanding gamers.

Overall design

The upcoming switch can be more or less comparable to the current Switch model even with an increase in size; Smaller bezels will compensate for a larger OLED screen more or less inside the same body. The compact form factor will be key as gamers prefer a more portable option for casual games on the go, and the Nintendo Switch has a firm grip on that market. Giving modern players a stylish and robust design seems the way to go.

Ergonomics is vital in a portable game console and Switch Pro can have a larger Joy-Cons which makes it fun to play for extended periods. Other design improvements are also evident, as it will be a new launch.

Expected price

At this point, predicting the price of the next portable console is wild guess, but it’s safe to assume it will be somewhere around $ 300 at least. This is what the current base model of Switch comes for. The price will definitely be more than the $ 200 price tag of the Nintendo Switch Lite.
If we had to follow what Japan’s gaming consultant Serkan Toto says, the Switch Pro would cost about $ 399. This would be a very lucrative price tag for buyers if Nintendo offered some major hardware and software upgrades.

What we expect

The new Nintendo Switch is on the right track with boost display and OLED screen rumors in good spirit, keeping gamers really excited. The higher pixel density per inch will be appreciated with a slightly better light level so that we don’t have to stare at the screen when playing games in midday sunlight.

The processor on this best portable console from Nintendo is the Nvidia Tegra with a ventilation fan on top. An upgraded processor can do better for a handheld game console – just like how a switch performs in a docking configuration. Better chipset provides split-screen multiplayer gaming when connected to TV.

If we get a better processor, there is a chance that the switch base will shrink in size. That means you can pack a Nintendo console in a backpack and take it to your friend’s place for a weekend gaming skirmish. Although there are third-party options as well, having the official package will be icing on the cake.

However, there are some things that need attention, and these inconveniences should not be present in this 2021 handheld game console. Some things like no Bluetooth audio on the Switch and a kickstand fix to let players enjoy like a support arcade machine. Obviously, we’re expecting new colors over the mainstream Switch that should pop things up, just as the Switch Lite did.

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