The United States exceeds 12 million cases

This is a new record in the United States. Although the country has just acquired a new president with Joe Biden, it has also just surpassed the 12 million mark for Covid-19 infections, as announced by John Hopkins University this Saturday, November 21. The United States was already the most heartbroken country in the world in absolute value with more than 255,000 deaths from coronavirus.

In recent days, a new wave of the epidemic threatens the United States that has registered one million cases in less than a week, pushing the authorities to react. Local officials across the country have had to resolve to impose new restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. Americans have also been urged not to travel for the traditional Thanksgiving holiday on November 26.

Recently, Donald Trump’s son: Donald Jr, tested positive, a few weeks after his father was briefly admitted to the hospital for his contamination. The wife of the current outgoing president, M√©lania Trump, was also recently infected.

A new president and soon a vaccine?

A ray of hope for the world, lThe US pharmaceutical group Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech On Friday, it asked the United States Drug Administration (FDA) to authorize its vaccine against Covid-19, the first manufacturers to do so in the United States or Europe.

Elected in early November, future Democratic President Joe Biden has already announced that he does not want to establish national contention. You have already appointed the members of your crisis unit brought in to coordinate this fight, and again said Thursday that the use of the mask “was not a political position.”

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