The United States declares the Houthis in Yemen a terrorist group, raising fears of famine

Some Houthi leaders have already been targeted for US terrorism-related sanctions. The broadest classification against the entire movement was Under consideration by the Trump administration For years.

Its release by Mr. Pompeo now, in the final days of the administration, is a sign of his determination to keep it Signature pressure campaign Against Iran for as long as possible.

The United States accuses the Houthis of being proxy fighters for Iran, It seeks to destabilize neighboring Saudi Arabia by Throwing rockets Across its borders and Hit its oil fields. But the major attack on two state-owned oil facilities in Saudi Aramco in September 2019, which the Houthis said they had carried out, appeared to be far more complex than previous strikes by the rebels.

This indicates that Iran is directly involvedThe Trump administration has also confirmed, despite Tehran’s denials.

“The Trump administration could have strengthened its ties with Saudi Arabia over the past four years to get closer to resolving the conflict,” said Arian Tabatabai, a Middle East fellow at the German Marshall Fund, a public policy research center. “Instead, the administration chose to cut blank checks to the Saudi leaders.”

It predicted that the terrorist designation would be part of a strategy to compel the administration of President-elect Joseph R. Reverse penalties. “

The Trump administration has steadfastly supported Saudi Arabia and its allies in the war in Yemen, providing billions of dollars in intelligence and weapons. Over the objections of Congress, In spite of Indiscriminate bombing, killing civilians And other military atrocities that can They amount to war crimes.

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