The United Nations announces a bold new framework for space sustainability

Through a series of global workshops – which will be mandatory for all space-faring countries – this framework aims to raise awareness about the potential risks of space debris, and will promulgate a new international law built around sustainability and traffic management in space.

In the AdvertisingUNOOSA Director Simonetta de Papo stated: “ It is imperative for the international community to come together to make the long-term sustainability of space activities a reality. Our Guiding Principles are a historical expression of global consensus and effective multilateralism on this crucial topic.

As we explained earlier, global investment in space activity is at an all-time high and continues to rise. With th Estimated at 170 million Chunks of debris are currently floating around our atmosphere, tracking trash is not easy, let alone discovering logistics. Really Cleared.

Moreover, every time a satellites are launched into orbit, the combustion of their metal envelope produces tiny alumina particles that are set to remain in our atmosphere for decades. Even scientists are concerned These particles may eventually change our weather systems as we continue the launches.

With the likes of SpaceX and Amazon Hundreds at a timeYou can see how that could become a problem.

Not everything is so bleak though. The fact that we’re talking about managing space waste and making absolutely bold new changes is a real positive. De-cluttering the atmosphere would not be a simple task, but make no mistake, the introduction of a global policy is enormous News.

In the coming months, we’re sure to discover what these guidelines actually entail. Until then, let’s continue to become more sustainable on Earth.

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