The “triple active” contraceptive gel combines spermicidal, anti-viral, and libido-stimulating agents.

Researchers from North Carolina State University have created a triple-action contraceptive gel that contains spermicidal, antiviral, and aphrodisiac agents in one combination. When tested in a rat model, the gel enhanced male sexual desire and prevented pregnancy in 100% of cases, compared to an average effective rate of 87% using a commercially available contraceptive gel.

Ke Cheng, Randall B. Terry, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Regenerative Medicine at North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine, and Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and North Carolina State: “We Use Three Pharmacological Agents in New Formulas,” author of the interview for a paper describing the work. “We hope this 3-functional contraceptive gel will further enhance the safety and quality of sexual intercourse.”

The new carbomer-based gel contains the contraceptive gossypol, the antiviral tenofovir, and nitroglycerin to stimulate blood flow.

Cheng and his team tested the gel in the lab for the first time to determine the potency of spermicide and viruses, as well as toxicity to vaginal epithelial cells. At a concentration of 10 micrograms per milliliter of gossypol, the gel was effective in killing nearly 100% of pig sperm – used in laboratory tests – in 30 seconds. The lower concentrations were equally effective for 180 s.

They also tested the gel in the laboratory against the slow virus and found that it has an inhibitory effect, indicating its ability to reduce transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The gel was also shown to not harm the vaginal epithelial cells, because the cell damage in the treated cells was not significantly different from the untreated or control cells.

Next, the researchers looked at the contraceptive effects in a rat model. 18 female rats were divided into three groups: a group that received the new generation; One received a commercially available contraceptive gel containing nonoxynol 9; And control. Females in the three-functional gel group had no pregnancies, versus one pregnancy in the nonoxynol9 group.

The team also tested the gel’s effect on male rats’ sexual desire and erectile function. Rats that received the gel mated more frequently and had shorter incubation periods than those that did not.

“Our 3-fold contraceptive gel has resulted in higher success rates in contraceptive use compared to those on the market, and has great potential for improving the safety and quality of sexual intercourse,” says Cheng.

The search appears in Biologically active substances.


Note to Editors: Summary follows.

“The triple contraceptive gel enhances the safety and quality of sexual intercourse”

DOI: 10.1016 / j.bioactmat.2020.11.031

Authors: Mengjie Xie, Junlang Li, Sichen Zhang, Dashuai Zhu, Xuan Mei, Zhenzhen Wang, Xiao Cheng, Zhenhua Li, and Ke Cheng of North Carolina State University; Shaoy Wang, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Publication date: Online 3 December 2020 at Biologically active substances


Current contraceptives come with a number of drawbacks, including low efficacy, in the case of commercial gel contraceptives, and low quality of sexual intercourse, in the case of condoms. The addition of pharmacologically active agents to contraceptive gels holds the potential to improve sexual experience, solid safety and hygiene. In this study, we synthesized a contraceptive gel containing carbomer consisting of three agents: tenofovir, gossypol acetate, and nitroglycerin (TGN), with the pH adjusted to 4.5 (to be vaginal compatible). In the laboratory, the gossypol component of the contraceptive gel has proven to be an effective spermicide. When the concentration of gossypol acetate was 10 mg / mL, the spermicide capacity reached 100% after 30 seconds. In addition, tenofovir in the gel significantly inhibits the efficiency of slow virus transfection in cell-containing media. In 6 pairs of mice, the gel successfully prevented all females from conceiving after successful mating. Moreover, an increase in sexual frequency and enhanced erection, which were enhanced by the nitroglycerin in the components, was observed in male rats whose gel was applied to the penis. The new TGN contraceptive gel resulted in a higher contraceptive success rate than the commercial contraceptive gel (Contragel®). Additionally, it has additional benefits for preventing STDs and improving male libido and erectile function during sexual intercourse. By bringing together three marketed and FDA-approved agents together, TGN Tri-Function Gel has great potential for further translation and marketing.

https: //News.ncsu.Edo /2021 /01 /Tri-Active-Contraceptive-Gel /
http: // dx.Resonate.Deer /10.1016 /J.Biocutat.2020.Eleven.031

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