the trial “is a test for American justice,” says an expert

The trial of the police officer behind George Floyd’s death will open in a few days. It will be an opportunity for an entire country to look in the mirror. “It is a test for American justice and for see if police impunity has a chance to evolve (…) in the more general framework of the fight against police violence ”, deciphers in RTL Charlotte Recoquillon, a researcher associated with the French Institute of Geopolitics.

George Floyd’s death under the lenses of passersby sent shockwaves across the planet but especially to the United States, with the movement Black lives are important it became “the largest social movement in the history of the United States in terms of number” of protesters and mobilization.

Bringing together various associations, Black Lives Matter leads a daily fight. “We continue working at all levels to promote programs in favor of racial equality,” explains the RTL guest, a journalist specialized in the United States and author of the Stop kill US podcast.

An open but uncompromising Biden

Thus, actions are carried out on an economic, cultural or even political level. “If Joe Biden won the election, it is largely thanks to mobilization.” of these movements, recalls Charlotte Recoquillon. However, this does not mean that the president is engaged from the beginning in progressive struggles. “Joe Biden is not a progressive at heart, he is more of a centrist. But at the same time he is an interlocutor”, specifies Charlotte Recoquillon.

Thus, Joe Biden has “an ear for the movement and its demands”, unlike Donald Trump. But it has points of divergence with Black Lives Matter. “Divesting the police, Joe Biden is opposed,” says the specialist. If the associations want less money for the police to strengthen social programs, Biden prefers to increase his resources and strengthen training and awareness. A difficult basic work, because “there is a lot of resistance to this internal examination” in the police.

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