the trend is towards acceptance and recognition of LGBT rights

This morning, let’s take a look at a major American study by the Gallup Institute on sexual orientation. 5.6% of Americans identify as LGBT ie “Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Transgender”. A proportion that is increasing, especially among young people.

In total, 8 million American adults identify as LGBT. That’s 5.6% of the population, up from 4.5% in the last study four years ago. For this study, Gallup surveyed 15,000 people over the age of 18. In the so-called Generation Z, which took over from the millennials (Generation Y), and which corresponds to 11-23 years, the survey focused on the adult part of this generation, that is, 18-23 years. There are 1 in 6 who say they are LGBT (16%), compared to 2% of those over 55, for example.

In the latest study, people had to answer yes or no. There the questions were more specific. In addition, there is a way to claim bisexuality. Among young adults who identify as LGBT, 7 out of 10 identify as bisexual. Among the explanations, the most significant is that today it is easier to assert oneself, thanks to a change in mentality and context with the Supreme Court’s decision, 5 years ago, to allow same-sex marriages.

Evolution of mindsets

Another explanation: the effect of the Internet and social networks. A sociologist explains that in the 90s when it came out there was no YouTube, Instagram or anything else to learn about sexuality or gender. You had to go to the libraries, which was even less obvious. According to him, it is the young people themselves who are pushing the limits and forcing society to rethink their way of thinking.

Finally, it is also the consequence of the struggles for the rights of homosexuals. Suddenly, the younger generation “minimizes” the “coming out of the closet”. One of the people in charge of the study said that older people burst into tears when they reported coming out of the closet: separation from their parents or friends, loss of employment. So, it is not a question of saying that now everything is simple, there is still discrimination and aggression, but young people live less in fear of being rejected.

In the school of the United States, in adolescence there are lessons on sexual orientation and gender. Parents also have an important role. In fact, according to the Gallup study, there are more and more to gain confidence in your same-sex peer-appointed children, as well as considering building their future, in particular with the possibility of having children, which is new.

A trend towards acceptance and recognition of rights that should be further reaffirmed with the Biden administration. The president has signed decrees to sanction sex discrimination in the federal administration. It also lifted the ban on transgender people from entering the military.

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