The Tianwen-1 completes the throttle maneuver and enters parking orbit around Mars

The Chinese Mars mission, called Tianwen-1, is doing very well so far. This week the spacecraft successfully completed its third braking maneuver and entered a parking orbit around Mars on Wednesday at around 6:29 a.m. GMT. The announcement was made this morning by the China National Space Administration.

The probe It orbits Mars for three months to conduct scientific explorations using cameras and spectrometers. It will also check the predetermined landing site and weather on Mars as it prepares for the landing in the coming months. Tianwen-1 orbit is currently located 59,000 km from the surface of Mars at its farthest point and at its closest point, only 280 km from the surface.

The larger orbit takes two days from Mars. China launched Tianwen-1 on July 23, 2021, and today it celebrated the 215th anniversary of its departure from the homeland. Currently, the probe is 212 million km from Earth. February was a busy month on Mars.

Earlier this month, NASA’s Persevering Rover made its horrific seven-minute journey to the surface of the Red Planet, and successfully landed. The rover is currently working perfectly and I have called home. One of the most exciting experiments he made on Mars was the creativity helicopter.

When the helicopter flies in the coming weeks, it will be the first controlled flight attempt on another planet. NASA considers it a moment for the Wright brothers, and if the test flight is successful, the creativity could change the way Mars is explored in the future. The helicopter was called home earlier this week, and everything is currently running optimally. Creativity is still tied to the underside of perseverance and will be deployed to Mars shortly thereafter in the mission.

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