the suspect in three murders would have cooked the heart of a victim

It’s news with the allure of Hannibal Lecter’s adventure running down your back. In Oklahoma, in the southern United States, Lawrence Paul Anderson was arrested for various murders, including that of his uncle, granddaughter, and neighbor. He is also charged with injuries inflicted on his aunt. An already sordid affair to which is added a component of cannibalism.

In fact, according to local media, the 42-year-old suspect confessed to investigators that she cooked the heart of the neighbor in her murderous day. Lawrence Paul Anderson also began by killing the neighbor, Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41, whose heart he said he extracted before going to his uncle Leon Pye’s home on February 9 in Chickasha, near Oklahoma City.

He got there, in the house where he lived since the commutation by the governor of Oklahoma in June 2020 of his last prison sentence to date, decide to cook the organ with potatoes to serve him for his uncle, aunt and visiting granddaughter during the day, police said in a statement Thursday (February 18).

His family did not want to eat the organ

“He brought the heart (and) cooked it (…) with potatoes to serve it to his family and thus free the demons,” we can read in the request for a search warrant presented by the police to a judge, cited by the newspaper The oklahoman.

It was after his family refused to consume his heart that Lawrence Paul Anderson allegedly stabbed them, killing his uncle and wounding his aunt and the girl, the latter succumbing to her injuries in the ambulance. Researchers are trying to determine whether the suspect, who claims to be bipolar, was under the influence of drugs during the attack and did not state a motive.

The suspect was also sentenced in 2006 for possession of crack, in 2012 for distributing crack, then in 2017 to 20 years in prison for possession of drugs and firearms. During his last trial, he assured the judge that he was receiving treatment for bipolar disorder.

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