The speculators charge a ton for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but does anyone buy?

Last week, Nintendo was removed Super Mario 3D All-Star From Switch eShop and confirmed that it will stop shipping new copies to retailers. At the time, we wondered if scalpers on sites like eBay would take the opportunity to inflate prices on copies they no doubt keep, and it looks like they did exactly that. However, the question is whether or not these speculators are actually able to sell these expensive copies of the game.

For now, the answer appears to be “no,” but that certainly doesn’t stop them from trying. If you are looking for eBay Super Mario 3D All-Star Right now, you’ll find a decent mix of copies at reasonable prices and some at a very high price. There are multiple versions of MSRP at much higher prices, with some running into the hundreds and others in the thousands. We even saw one listing priced at $ 25,000 – either a moon-based one hoping to tap into a poor soul with more money from eBay search skills, or a joke list by or through.

While we don’t expect anyone to purchase a copy of the Super Mario 3D All-Star For $ 25,000 or anywhere close to that amount, how about listings that are $ 100 or more? Do people buy these? It turns out they aren’t – while looking at List of things sold For Super Mario 3D All-Star It shows us listings from January onwards, and there are a handful of listings that were sold out at the time the game was removed that made only $ 70 or less.

The question now is what will happen in the future, when we move away from it Super Mario 3D All-Star‘vanishement. There is a good chance that a lot of speculators are sitting on so many stocks that prices are going up anyway. There is also a distinct possibility that most people have wanted a copy of it Super Mario 3D All-Star They bought it when it was available, leaving speculators with fewer options to empty their stocks.

We’ll see what happens over time, but for now at least it looks like there are a lot of affordable stocks for those still looking for a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Star. So, if you missed it Super Mario 3D All-Star The first time around, it looks like you still have a chance to take a copy without breaking the bank.

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