The SpaceX Starship SN9 test could be launched today: How to watch

After a series of successful launches of SpaceX, we could be on another test flight of the prototype today. Today SpaceX is looking to test its Starship SN9 prototype, and to launch it at an altitude of 12.5 kilometers. We don’t have a specific target time SpaceX for this test flight, but instead, there is a six-hour window that SpaceX can launch as long as weather conditions are satisfactory.

According to (which hosts the live broadcast you see embedded below), the window runs from 12 PM CST to 6 PM CST today. As of this writing, we just entered that window a little while ago. SpaceX is moving through the preparation phases of the SN9 prototype for this test launch, and at least for now, there are still some phases the company needs to go through before it gets to launch.

The launch comes after SpaceX’s SN8 test from December, which has mostly gone well – at least until the end. As the spacecraft successfully took off and performed the descent on the way back to Earth, it came slightly hot and landed on the landing pad in a blast. Although this test may not have ended exactly the way SpaceX wanted it to, it definitely was an exciting ending and you can see the company’s summary of the test in our coverage of the launch.

SpaceX Starship will consist of the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy missile and are intended to transport crew and large quantities of cargo to Earth, Moon and Mars orbit. SpaceX says the Starship will be able to carry 100 metric tons of payload and crew into Earth orbit. At some point in the future, the spacecraft could be used to transport early humans and the materials they need to Mars.

For now, we are waiting to see if SN9 will launch today. Neither Elon Musk nor SpaceX has confirmed plans for this day yet, so while we wait for data from them, be sure to check out the live broadcast above.

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