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Appreciated by most for its fragrance, freshness and beauty, the orange blossom reaches every home in different ways. Orange blossom in essential oil, nutritional orange blossom extract, orange blossom oil…, It is available for all tastes and all uses. In any case, this little white flower will be of great help in case of stress and sleep disorders. Discover in this article its origin, its benefits and how to use it wisely.

The origin of the orange blossom

The delicious aroma of the orange flower originates from the shrub called sour orange. This tree that grows in the southern lands, particularly on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Its culture has been perpetuated for over 2,000 years and, for the record, it was a plant highly valued by the Chinese as an ornament. Little by little it will spread across the globe to beautify the alleys of each court thanks to the Arabs. Since then, the orange blossom or commonly called “neroli” occupies a place of honor in perfumery and cosmetics, but also in well-being.

Orange blossom

What are the benefits of orange blossom?

You are familiar with the scent of the orange flower and its taste when you take it in herbal tea. Or when you useorange blossom essential oil. However, do you know all its virtues, all that it can bring you as a medicinal plant? Well, orange blossom has the following benefits.

Calming and relaxing

The use of orange flower in the kitchen or i like The essential oil provides access to total relaxation. The muscles gradually relax and you gradually calm down. All this is explained by the active principles, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, which this precious plant contains.

On the practical side, you will only have to drop two drops ofessential oil of orange blossom Morocco on the wrist and massage gently to make it work.

A sleeping plant

Stage fright before an interview or speaking in public, negative waves, palpitations, bad mood, nervousness, stress … These are very real ailments that we suffer every day due to many factors. Under these conditions, it is impossible to relax, have peace in yourself and fall asleep properly. However, when you use orange blossom essential oil, to diffuse or to put on the solar plexus, you will easily fall into the arms of Morpheus.

Soothing for digestive spasms

In addition to its sedative and relaxing properties on the nervous system, orange blossom calms digestive spasms and relieves colitis. From now on, if you want to have a good digestion, opt for orange blossom oil in your preparations. Otherwise, you can always use their organic honey instead of others and organic orange blossom water extract to flavor all your recipes.

Skin toning

If you want to have smooth and well hydrated skin, orange blossom is the solution. Its lotion is suitable for all skin types and its constituent, “the flavonoid”, is antioxidant and anti-wrinkle. You will see its effects as you use it. Also, if one day someone asks you how you manage to have such beautiful skin, you can proudly answer “thanks to my orange flower “.

Stimulating for hair and nails

Orange blossom water promotes hair and nail growth. Yes, in addition to preserving our well-being, it is a great beauty ally. In addition, you can prepare homemade orange blossom water. Just cover the orange flowers in a bowl of water, mix and cover with cling film. Use it after a lazy day away from the sun and heat!

Orange blossom

Use of orange blossom in babies

Orange blossom is your best friend to calm, heal and put your little one to sleep. Of course, since babies are especially fragile, it will be necessary to consult the advice of a doctor or pharmacist for guidance. However, in general, there is no set age to benefit from the properties of this plant.

As you know, babies sleep very well. To give your toddler quality sleep, takeorganic orange blossom water or hydrosol your best friend. To do this, put a few drops of the aromatic preparation in your baby’s bottle (especially if he suffers from colic) the night before sleeping. Otherwise, pouring it into your bathroom is an equally effective alternative. Then the dose will vary depending on your age and a pharmacist’s prescription.

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