the Rockefellers recover a tapestry illustrating “Guernica” loaned in 1984

Its symbolic value was strong. Placed at the entrance to the UN Security Council, a vast tapestry depicting Guernica, work by Pablo Picasso, aimed at sensitizing diplomats to the ravages of war. Loaned by Nelson Rockefeller in 1984, it will be picked up by Nelson Rockefeller Junior, the United Nations said Thursday, January 25.

Commissioned in 1955 by the billionaire and woven by the French atelier Jacqueline de La Baume-Dürrbach, this tapestry had been on loan to the UN since 1984. For almost four decades, presidents, ministers and ambassadors had passed through this work on their way to the chamber of the most important body of the organization in charge of peace in the world.

The United Nations did not explain why the Rockefeller family wanted to take over the tapestry. No immediate comment could be obtained from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Thursday, the great wall on which hung the tapestry, which represented the bombing of the city of Guernica on April 26, 1937 by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, it was empty. As has happened until recently at the UN, a battle is now expected between member countries to find out who will have the right to place a work by one of their famous nationals.

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