The Razer Project Brooklyn concept is a gaming chair with a display

The Razer Project Brooklyn is one of two major designs from the company for CES 2021. Like Razer’s earlier CES concepts, the hardware is unlikely to be released in the way you see it at this moment. The chair has a foldable screen that fits into the back of the chair when not in use, full body haptic feedback, a speaker system, and Razer Chroma LED lighting.

This concept chair called Razer Project Brooklyn is designed to be versatile. It has the ability to connect to a wide range of devices, be it high-end gaming computers or a small portable children’s device. The individual systems can be used in the chair alone or in combination with one another.

The screen and table sit inside the chair, invisible and out of the way when not in use. The screen slides up and out from the back of the chair, over the top of the chair player, and unfolds. The screen is made of a semi-rigid display panel that extends out and surrounds the seated player. This is the chair’s “60 inch Full Ocean deployable OLED screen”, which Razer describes as having “stunning detail and visual quality”.

The table looks somewhat like a table hidden in a commercial airline seat. But instead of flipping up and down, this table pops forward and extends left and right, forming one platform in the middle. Razer calls this the “4D Convertible Armrest System” for a flexible ergonomics. ”

This chair works with a carbon fiber bucket seat with long lasting supports that fit comfortably. Beneath the surface is a series of harder technologies, with Razer Hypersense technology “for the ultimate in total tactile immersion”.

The many wires that you see running from the back of the seat connect to your computer, power, game consoles, or anything else you might need to plug in to take full advantage of the chair specific feature. This includes controlling the seat’s Razer Chroma RGB color strips – at the base of the chair and the bucket seat.

As is generally the case with the Razer business concept unveiled at CES, this bench is not entirely ready for its regular consumer release. The technology embedded in this chair may make its way into final consumer products at some point – but for now it’s just a proof of concept.

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