the problem of childcare weighs on the employment of women

The decline in women’s participation in the labor market is problematic in the United States due to several factors, one of which is child care. In fact, according to Jerome Powell, director of the American Central Bank (Fed), lack of affordable child care in the country it is a brake that should be broken looking seriously at the problem.

The head of the Fed, during a hearing before the House of Representatives, highlighted the weaknesses of the United States when comparing the situation with that of other countries. “Many other countries, our peers, our competitors from democracies in advanced economies have child care systems more developed children, “said Jerome Powell.

“They end up having a significantly higher participation of women in the labor market. We had the highest participation of women 25 years ago to the workforce. This is no longer the case, “he lamented, noting that” the policies (that) left us behind. “Jerome Powell found it” useful to investigate “this problem,” we must ask ourselves. Why is this the case and how to do it? is better “.

The United States has no public surveillance systems and places your child in a “nursery”, the equivalent of a nursery, can cost, in some states, more than $ 20,000 (16,500 euros) a year, according to a ChildCare Aware of America study cited by the Verywellfamily site. And public schools only accept children, depending on the state, from the age of 4 or 5.

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