The president “will not give in to blackmail” after the kidnapping of 317 teenagers

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the new “inhuman” kidnapping on Friday (February 26) more than 300 adolescent girls in a boarding school in northwestern Nigeria. He said that he will not “give in to the blackmail of bandits” who await “the payment of large ransoms.” At one in the morning on Friday, the latter arrived by car at the Jangebe boarding school, in the state of Zamfara. and invaded the bedrooms.

317 young girls were taken away during this new kidnapping of students. “We have the ability to deploy a massive force against bandits in the villages where they operate, but we are limited by fear of great losses from innocent villagers and hostages that could be used as human shields “by criminals,” the president said in a statement.

In northwestern Nigeria, the security situation is increasingly precarious and residents must fend for themselves to ensure their safety. On Friday, an enraged mob attacked the convoy of the local minister and a security officer heading to Jangebe after the kidnapping.

About fifty students managed to escape

The villagers have “threw stones at two vehicles”reported Umar Shehu, a reporter for the local daily Daily confidence, who was in the convoy, adding that a cameraman sustained serious head injuries. During the kidnapping, about fifty students managed to escapeBut his parents, refusing to stay there for questioning by the security services, ransacked the school.

“They became violent and started breaking doors and windows“We had no choice but to let them go,” a professor told AFP on condition of anonymity. A team of heavily armed security forces “was dispatched to Jangebe to support the ‘ongoing rescue operation’, according to local police.

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