The Pope will be vaccinated “next week” and urges to do so

Pope Francis gave an interview to the Italian television channel Canale 5, during which he announced that he would be vaccinated “next week” against the coronavirus. “Next week we’ll start doing it here (at the Vatican, editor’s note) and I made an appointment, it must be done“he urged in this interview.

Against the vaccine “There is a suicidal denial that I could not explain, but today we have to get vaccinated“insisted the Sovereign Pontiff.” I believe that from an ethical point of view everyone should be vaccinated, it is an ethical choice, because health is put at risk, his life, but also the lives of others“, he explains.

“I don’t know why someone says: + No, the vaccine is dangerous, + but if the doctors present it as something that can be good, that does not present any particular risk, Why do not do it?“asks Pope Francis.

The remarks come as the Vatican announced Saturday the death at 78 of the Pope’s personal physician, Fabrizio Soccorsi, below “complications due to Covid-19“while he was” hospitalized for a cancerous pathology. “

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