The Pope “comes to give new pride to the Iraqi nation”, says Pascal Goolnisch

“Let the weapons be quiet”, are the first words of Pope Francis, in a historic visit to Iraq since Friday. To understand the challenges of this trip, from Iraq, Monsignor Pascal Goolnisch, general director of l’Oeuvre d’Orient is the RTL guest this Saturday, March 6. “It is a very historical event “, he remembered.

“The Pope not only comes to console the Christian community. He comes to give to the Iraqi nation a new pride. There had to be an international voice that would restore the pride of their country to Iraqis “, continues the director general of the Oeuvre d’Orient, who specified that” the Christians of Iraq do not want to be a bubble, a ghetto. They want to be recognized in their own right as citizens of Iraq. “.

Pope Francis is going to give a mass in Baghdad, according to the Eastern rite. “The fact that the Pope of Rome, who is Latin, enters this oriental rite, of the ancient Christians of Persia, it is a mark of respect and delicacy “, Pascal Goolnisch emphasizes.

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