The planners of Ghosn’s escape are handed over to Japanese authorities

Ghosn fled Japan while on bail and faces financial misconduct charges in December 2019 (Reuters photo)

Their lawyer said that an American father and son were handed over to Japanese officials on Monday, after losing the extradition battle over accusations that they helped former Renault and Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan.

Michael Taylor and his son, Peter Taylor, were arrested in May after Japan issued a warrant accusing them of helping Ghosn escape from Tokyo to Lebanon in December 2019. It was reportedly hidden in a large box in a private jet Where he faced financial charges in Japan.

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Taylors’ emergency appeal and paved the way for their extradition following similar rulings from lower courts.

“This is a sad day for the family, and for all who believe that veterans deserve better treatment from their country,” Paul Kelly, their attorney, said in a statement confirming their surrender to Japanese custody.

US courts rejected Taylor’s attorney’s claim that the two men would face torture-like conditions in a Japanese prison enough to violate the extradition agreement between Tokyo and Washington.

Peter Taylor and his father, a former member of the US Special Forces turned private security contractor, were imprisoned pending the outcome of the extradition battle.

US court documents show that the two, and a Lebanese national, helped smuggle Ghosn out of Japan inside a large box of musical equipment.

In a court case, prosecutors described the order as “one of the most impudent and well-regulated escapes in recent history.”

Ghosn, who was a global business star when his career collapsed, fled Japan while on bail facing charges of financial misconduct.

He was arrested in November 2018 and was expected to face trial on charges that include understating his salary and misusing company assets.

Ghosn, who has denied wrongdoing, said he fled because he was unable to get a fair trial in Japan.

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