The OnePlus watch design and user interface are likely to appear in the OnePlus Health app

OnePlus Watch is coming, and its design and UI may have been revealed thanks to a new app. The OnePlus Health app has appeared on the Play Store, and it has shared some details about OnePlus’ wearables.

Before we get to it, note that the arrival of the OnePlus Watch has already been confirmed. The OnePlus Band is also expected to arrive soon, as a competition for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

The OnePlus Watch’s design and user interface may have been revealed thanks to the new OnePlus app

And I said that, Ishan AgarwalAnd, a well-known landmark, discovered the OnePlus W301CN, which could be the OnePlus Watch. The device displays have also appeared, along with UI screenshots, as you can see below.

Now, notice that this could be just a placeholder image for the clock. This thing is a lot like OPPO Watch RX, so it could be that watch. On the other hand, it is possible that OnePlus borrowed the design from its sister company. We have to wait and see.

However, Ishan Agarwal says this is probably not Wear OS. This app list screams Wear OS, though, and it’s possible that OnePlus has applied a skin on top of Wear OS, similar to OPPO. However, we cannot confirm anything yet.

This is not all. XDA Developers I spotted some details of OnePlus Band UI, and drew the device itself, thanks Android PoliceOnePlus Health app report.

OnePlus Band design has been confirmed once again

If you take a look at the gallery below, you’ll see what the OnePlus Band looks like and diagram. Some animated user interface elements appear here as well. Regarding the OnePlus Health app, well, it appears to be the same as OPPO’s HeyTap Health app.

Regarding the OnePlus Band, it will go official on January 11th, at least in India. This was revealed a lot by Ishan Agarwal recently. He also noted that it will cost about $ 40, and will provide tracking of expression.

The device will also include a 1.1 AMOLED touch-sensitive screen. 13 workout modes will be included, while the device will be IP68 rated for water and dust resistance. We’re not sure when the OnePlus Watch will launch, but it will likely arrive alongside the OnePlus 9 series, most likely in March.

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