The OnePlus 9 design has appeared, but it is likely imprecise

The design of the OnePlus 9 was apparently revealed by 91 mobilesHowever, this image may be inaccurate. Now, 91mobile claims this is a CAD rendering of the OnePlus 9, and the source is usually accurate when it comes to leaks.

So what’s the problem? OK, Max JambourWhich is somewhat the standard for OnePlus leaks, does not agree with this information. He retweeted the article with a GIF that clearly states that it does not agree with the information.

Moreover, he said, we should all take up the position with “a good amount of salt”. He promised further investigation, but was able to tell right away that the CAD rendering provided was inaccurate.

That’s all the info Max Jambor shared, but we’d love to believe it. However, before we start talking about what has spilled, take it with a grain of salt.

Maybe this OnePlus 9 design is imprecise, we’re not sure about the rest

The shared 91mobile display shows a phone with narrow bezels and a camera hole for viewing in the upper-left corner. It also includes three cameras in the back, one of which is very small. Glass appears to cover the back of the device, and the phone looks very narrow.

As the source indicates that OnePlus The 9th will have a bigger screen than the OnePlus 8T, which means it will be larger than 6.55 inches. Do note that this is the regular OnePlus 9, not the “Pro” model.

It is also mentioned that its screen will be flat and provide a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The back of the phone will be curved according to the 91mobile, while a rectangular camera module will be included on the back.

The source also mentioned that the OnePlus 9 series may launch early next year, based on previous rumors. It might arrive in mid-March, instead of May … but we’ll see how accurate that is.

We expect Max Jambor to share more info on this soon. For now, take this information with caution, as it appears to disagree with what has been shared here.

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