The Nintendo Switch Pro could have a larger OLED screen than Samsung

Although Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch sales and games have remained strong. However, that won’t last forever and Nintendo will need to upgrade the Switch game sooner or later. It may be later, at least in the second half of the year, with the new Switch model that could have a larger screen using Samsung OLED technology, but the rumored specs that match what the Switch Pro could be may leave some feeling a bit conflicting.

Rumors and calls for the Nintendo Switch Pro have been going on for years, but, in typical Nintendo style, the company has been slow to move, preferring to use the current generation model for whatever it deserves. Despite having performed well for four years, Xbox and PlayStation are bound to worry Nintendo. Unfortunately, that latest advice may leave the industry disappointed fans instead.

To be fair, Switch to OLED screen It will have tangible benefits like lower power consumption, higher contrast and faster response times. Extending it 7 inches diagonally can give the content more room to breathe. Unfortunately, the advice also says that the bigger screen will have the same 720p resolution, which translates into lower pixel density and may make images appear more pixelated.

Screen resolution has been a pain point for some Switch owners, especially when it comes to the contrast between Portable Mode and TV Mode that supports resolutions of up to 1080p. Ironically, Nintendo might make this somewhat worse by making the dock support 4K resolution, widening the gap between the two modes.

These seem conservative upgrades on par with Nintendo’s long-standing business strategies. The processing power of the Nintendo Switch Pro is perhaps more important than the screen itself, and the deciding factor will be whether the company’s next-generation console will compare favorably with its predecessor and competitors.

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