The new Yeelight M2 smart bulb is the result of Yeelight and Silicon Labs

January 12 Silicon modulus About a collaboration with Yeelight. The new solution will support seamless setup in the Google Home app. The Yeelight M2 Smart LED Bulb is a multi-colored bulb designed with Silicon Labs Bluetooth BG21 SoC. This will enable reliable wireless connectivity and allow users to connect and control smart home devices in the Google Home app. All without the need for any other apps.

LM Wang, Vice President, Asia Pacific Sales, gave an explanation on the importance of the new smart bulb. “The new M2 Yeelight lamp meets the growing consumer demand for sophisticated, easy-to-use smart home products,” he says. He continues, “Our Bluetooth solutions play a pivotal role in delivering this enhanced lighting experience, ensuring reliable wireless connectivity, high performance and low energy consumption.

Yeelight M2 can produce multi-color effects, color temperature is adjustable, increase luminance up to 1000ml. This new lamp is one of the first brands to offer a smart lighting integration with Google Seamless.

The Yeelight M2 has a seamless and easy integration with Google Home

With this support, users will be able to quickly and easily set up smart home devices in the Google Home app in a few easy steps. As a result, customers can easily set up their new lamp without any additional applications. Additionally, the Google Nest device can act as a hub for connecting smart home devices to the web.

Thanks to Silicon Labs’ BG21 solution, the smart bulb has some great features. The Yeelight M2 provides outdoor access to devices that support the Google Assistant with higher reliability. Additionally, users can control smart lighting with Google Assistant.

The M2 can be paired directly to improve response times from speakers or displays that support the Google Assistant. Also, users will be able to set up Google Assistant Routines in the Google Home app. Doing so will allow users to automatically control their smart bulb according to certain scenarios.

The M2 light bulb will be shown at CES this week. The Yelling M2 light bulb is apart from the multiple smart home versions shown at CES 2021.

It appears that as the world continues to stay at home longer, the focus on making smart homes becomes an even greater focus. Combined with computers and tablets taking advantage of the current pandemic smart home technology, it appears to make it easier to stay home.

If you are interested in the new Yeelight light bulb, you can check out the demo at CES. To learn more about Yeelight M2 Light Bulbs, you can visit

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