The new treatment for a life-threatening lung condition is supported by the National Science Foundation

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. A Purdue University startup developing a new treatment for this life-threatening lung condition won a $ 256,000 Small Business Technology Transfer Phase 1 award from the National Science Foundation.

Spirrow Therapeutics helps patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, by restoring lung function with a surfactant nano-polymer that can be administered through the trachea as a fast-acting liquid or preventive spray. The startup team is also looking to use the technology to help those infected with COVID-19.

“We want to offer new hope to these patients with ARDS,” said Rich Janz, CEO of Spirrow Therapeutics. “This is an exciting time because our work is closely linked to the research that is being done around the world to address COVID-19.”

An infectious viral infection such as COVID-19 is a common cause of pneumonia, which can progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome.

The cause of ARDS can be pneumonia, septic shock, shock, chemical inhalation, or other trauma. In the United States there are more than 200,000 cases of ARDS annually. About 40% of people with ARDS die, and there are currently few treatment options.

Spirrow Therapeutics was founded by You-Yeon Won, professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University’s School of Engineering, and his former students Davis Arick and Kyle Kim. Originally interested in lung function in newborns, the team turned their attention to ARDS after discovering a greater need there.

The co-founders worked with Purdue Foundry, an entrepreneurship and marketing center located in the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration in the Discovery Park area of ​​Purdue, adjacent to the Purdue University campus.


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