The NCP rallies around a minister accused of rape, as the BJP seeks to oust him from the government

The day after a woman accused Social Justice Minister Danangai Mundi of rape, his National Congress party rallied around the besieged minister and dismissed any notion that he would resign from the government. Opposition BJPHowever, he demanded that the minister be removed from the state government.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Mundy denied the rape allegations. He claimed that he was blackmailed by the complainant and her sister, with whom he has a relationship, with whom he has two children.

State NCP chief Jayant Patel said, “… if anyone makes an allegation, it would be wrong to come to a conclusion immediately without verifying the facts. It is the jurisdiction of the judiciary … a family matter. Mundy made it clear. “

Patil said there were allegations against another NCP leader, Mahboub Sheikh. “There was no truth in that … Let’s not come to a conclusion when an allegation is made. There will be an investigation and the truth will emerge,” he said.

According to the sources, Mundy met NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar and Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar on Wednesday to “show his side of the story.”

“The party is rallying around Mundi. These are just allegations, not a court ruling. The party is not seeking his resignation,” said Umesh Patel, a spokesman for the NCP.

State Minister Abdul Sattar, leader of the ally of the National Congress Party Chef Sina“A similar type of allegation arose in the case of the BJP leader years ago,” he said. “At that time, Sina President Balashab Thackeray said that” Pierre Kiya Toh Darna Kiya … “… stood by that leader.”

However, BJP State Chairman Chandrakant Patil said: “Now that the allegations have surfaced, Prime Minister Odhav Thackeray and NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar must make a decision on Mundi’s cabinet position … I am sure they will make a decision on it. In particular, Bawar Sahib lived a clean political life and no allegations were made against him. “

Patel said that an investigation should be conducted into the allegation and the matter would be decided in court. But what about the misinformation that Danangai Mundi provided to the Election Commission? In the survey affidavit, he did not say anything about his second wife and children. “The European Commission should take a call on his disqualification as the Kosovo Liberation Army,” said the leader of the BJP.

If Mundi is not removed from the government, Patil said, the BJP will launch incitement against him. “Mundi should resign for moral reasons,” he said.

The leader of the BJP, Keret Sumaya, also submitted a memorandum to the state election commission and demanded action against Mundi for allegedly submitting a false statement.

In response to the BJP’s request, Umesh Patil said: “If the BJP demands Mundi’s resignation on the basis of a false statement, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi must also resign. In a 2014 affidavit, the prime minister did not mention his wife but in the affidavit of 2014 2019, he mentioned his wife. “

Umesh Patel said that Mundy did not mention that he was married twice, but had admitted that he had a consensual relationship.

Meanwhile, Congress, the third constituent of Governor Maha Vikas Agadi, has taken an insight into the BJP on the issue. In response to a tweet from the BJP Mahila Morcha, state congressional spokesman Sachin Sawant said: “If the BJP demands the resignation of Mundi because he has two wives, all BJP leaders will be stressed …”.

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