The NASA mission show is an exciting peek at the arrival of perseverance

NASA has released a dramatic, semi-cinematic “mission trailer” depicting what it will look like when its rover arrives on Mars next month. Arrival will initiate the perseverance landing procedure, eventually leading to the deposit of the rover on the red planet where many new studies will be conducted using the latest and best tools.

The new mission trailer is a high-quality CGI rendition of what will happen when the Perseverance Wagon reaches Mars, is lowered by the lander, then launched to finish the landing on Earth alone. The video is surprisingly exciting and comes only weeks before the arrival date.

This seems to be an updated and improved version of the landing sequence video released by NASA in late December, a release that adds some realistic cinematic effects and dramatic music while minimizing the revolting motions that made it look like a video game scene.

The spacecraft will arrive at Mars on February 18, less than a month from now, after making a journey of nearly 300 million miles from our planet through space. Perseverance is currently moving at 1.6 miles per second. Once it reaches the Martian atmosphere, the full landing will take place in just seven minutes.

This will mark What NASA says It is the first self-guided landing on the red planet, setting a new record for space exploration. The exploration mission begins as soon as the spacecraft lands. NASA said it will head to the Jizero crater to search for “signs of ancient life” on Mars, in addition to collecting samples for a future Earth return mission.

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